Sugarcane Cosmetics Packagings

Sugarcane Cosmetics Packagings
May 2023

Bulldog is a UK-based brand that sells natural skincare products for men, such as creams, cleansers and scrubs. Bulldog is the first brand of its kind to make its packaging from sugarcane plastic, which comes from sugarcane grown in Brazil on eco-friendly land. The sugarcane absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows.
Bulldog's use of sugarcane-based packaging helps to lower its carbon emissions and combat global warming. Sugarcane plastic can also be recycled and processed by existing recycling facilities . Bulldog's unique packaging gives it an advantage in the men's skincare market and attracts customers who care about the environment. Bulldog also shows its ethical and sustainable commitment by not testing on animals, not using animal products, and not using microbeads or excessive unsustainable materials.
Image Credit: Bulldog